Participant Bloggers #13 and #14

PB#13: “Yesterday, after 15:00 the interesting thing I found was Jacob Mundy’s video. He gave us clear picture of Western Sahara conflict which helped us in clarifying the actions and history. This made me belive that there is someone who can say the truth about Western Sahara and I liked that because it gave me hope.

“Today we worked on the strategies to find a solution for the conflict of Western Sahara.

“I really enjoyed the Model United Nations session which was leaded by Jane Kirkpatrick. She asked us to split to groups and each one had to represent a region; I was a Sahrawi delegate of Lyoune    .

“I think the end of yesterday was really nice, because we got such amazing presentation given by Mr Jacob Mundy, and it made me extremely happy….”

PB#14: “This programme is one of the most amazing things that’s happened in my life. It is great and am proud to be a part of this group.

“I’ve took a lot of things from the daily programme. Each day gave me new things and information or ways to deal with different kind of problems or situations.

“Today was a great day, from the beginning until the end and specially when every three students made a group together to represent a part of the conflict or a part that may have an effect on the conflict.

“What disappointed me a little is may be the group dialogue because it was the last one and it was very very silent and it is the first time, i really don’t know why??

“The strongest emotion i had today was when KC said that she will tell all her family about the participants about their stories about our story, so i felt that was coming from the very deep inside her.

“Robert, is a great person he made me know a lot of things and he made a lot of things very clear for me.

“In the reality I know a lot about may be all the countries of all the participants but I know that I still know nothing.

“In my free time I try to know more about the other participants and I try to let them know about me but unfortunately the time is not enough.

“I feel that Talk Together is a kind of social meeting let the people find solutions to their problems between themselves through a direct speech and understanding and far from violent ways…take peace as a symbol, and that’s what should be the way of looking for solve conflicts like this one.” 



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