Update on challenges facing Talk Together

Here’s a quick update on the challenges we have faced in incorporating the perspective from Morocco and from Layounne in this year’s Talk Together programme, and how we have responded.

Our participants travelling from Layounne through Agadir, and from Casablanca, were prevented from joining us. The presentation we were expecting from a member of Royal Advisory Council for Saharawi Affairs has not happened. We understand that Rabat has decided not to participate in the Talk Together programme.   

Our intention is to connect all parties, and to create a safe environment for meaningful dialogue and understanding to take place. 

We are very disappointed that the participants from Morocco and from Layounne have been unable to join us.  We believe that they would have brought an added richness, and an extra perspective, to the group of participants.  They themselves would also have benefitted enormously from the experience.

We have always been eager to hear the Moroccan and Layounne perspectives from speakers and participants in person.  We are therefore very disappointed that the participants were unable to join the programme, and that the speaker we were promised has not been able to attend. 

In the light of these challenges, we have gone to extraordinary lengths to ensure that the Moroccan and Layounne perspective have been properly included in Talk Together.   We have integrated many other visitors, activities and sources into the programme, to ensure that we have been able to understand both the Moroccan and Layounne perspectives as well as possible.

We are, as we have always been, happy to respond to any concerns raised by Rabat – or by any interested parties – in relation to our best intentions and motivations.

The quality of the presentation and inclusion of the Moroccan and Layounne perspectives will affect the views of our participants, those who follow the Talk Together programme on the internet, and those who will see the film worldwide.

Our invitation remains open to Rabat to work with the Talk Together participants.


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