Chat with a Moroccan and a day in London

Participant blogger #10 talks of her meeting with a local businessman, the first Moroccan guest that Talk Together has received. Our newest friend came to visit for the afternoon, spoke to some participants and then led a small group in the Moroccan tea ceremony. Some had just experienced the Saharawi tea ceremony for the first time, and the similarities and differences were fascinating.

“Although the local businessman was Moroccan, he fully sympathised with the Western Saharawi point of view. However, he was able to provide us with some aspects of the Moroccan perspective. A short while after meeting him, we entered the group dialogue session. Instead of using group dialogue in the normal manner, it was used to question the two participants from the camps near Tindouf. It made the session seem very busy and less relaxed, but at the same time it was enjoyable and thought provoking.

“Unfortunately the weather wasn’t on our side for our day trip to London. But we ensured that this didn’t dampen our spirits. Firstly the group took a ride on the London Eye and observed the many tourist destinations from up high. It was good fun and great to finally get some social time with the group as a whole. After this the group split and went off to do various activities. I myself met up with two friends.

“I told them a lot about what I learnt in the previous week. Both of them were shocked at the extent of the conflict and both told me that they were previously unaware of it which reminded me of the phrase ‘the forgotten conflict’ to which it has been referred. I spent the night away from the group. It gave me a chance to relax and process the thoughts which have been filling me head over the past week. So now, with my relaxing 2 days drawing to an end, I am looking forward to jumping into the next week with no reservations.

“I received a message saying that some Saharawis arrived last night. So right now I am looking forward to getting to know them.”

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