Day Eight

Participant Blogger #9 reflects on his day and the prevailing mood.

“More than one week has now passed of the Talk Together seminar and we continue to explore new ways of getting to know more about this forgotten conflict. Yesterday, me and the other participants were in London and some of us met the Polisario representative in the United Kingdom.

“The purpose of going to London was originally to try to get to know more about the Moroccan perspective, but our repeated attempts of trying to get a meeting with some representatives from the Moroccan embassy had failed. Hence, a constructive account of the official Moroccan view of this conflict still remains, leaving many of the participants frustrated and confused.

“We are therefore trying our best to find other people with knowledge about the Moroccan stance so that we fully can get to know the complexity of this dispute. Needles to say, that hearing only one side of the conflict renders it impossible to come up with a solution that both parties can agree on.

“Despite this however, a feeling of optimism prevails within the group and we are by no means giving up, but rather realizing more than ever that conflict resolution takes pertinacity and determination. In that sense we are constantly trying to contact different people with insight into the Moroccan perspective.

“I have for example been in contact with a Moroccan student who seemed willing to share his views of the conflict – it would be wonderful if we could talk together over Skype. We all feel that it is about time that this conflict gets resolved and I can assure you that there is no lack of motivation.”

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