Day Seven – Talk Together hits the capital

Participant blogger #7  tells of a day in the capital exploring new places and perspectives.

“After several consecutively hectic days, we were able to take a breather from the course. We went to London to visit several iconic sights such as the London Eye, Trafalgar Square and Covent Garden. I find that exploring new places with equally new friends is a very enriching experience, especially because we have the opportunity to give each other a different outlook on various things due to our different cultural backgrounds. It was also especially great that we had students from the U.K. who were familiar with London and who were able to tell us the significance of various landmarks.

“The sights were utterly overwhelming for me. I was also very surprised to see a woman standing on one of the pillars of the Trafalgar Square. She was standing there, trying to paint. She also handed out coloring material and paper to the people passing by. Apparently, this is done every year for 100 days. Every hour, different people are given the opportunity to climb up the pillar and do whatever they want. They can protest, sing, dance or even just pose up there. This was very interesting for me because this truly shows the amount of freedom of expression the people here have.

“We, all, also had the opportunity to have coffee with a POLISARIO representative in the afternoon. I decided against going because I felt that I have heard a lot about the POLISARIO perspective and very little about the Moroccan perspective. I felt that hearing another POLISARIO perspective, without understanding the perspective of the other side would leave my opinions skewed. However, as always, this is just my opinion and for now I have decided it would be best that I would be very informed with regard to the different perspectives in the conflict.”

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