Two days to go…

… and the big news today is that a couple of troublesome visas have come through, just in time for the students in question to travel to Oxford tomorrow.

Supporting dozens of students from across the world to apply for visas has been an epic task. Documents need to be provided in their original form, so pieces of paper have been couriered to embassies around the world. These carefully crafted documents have been accompanied by polite explanations to consular officials, and wodges of paperwork from the students themselves. News of each granted visa is cause for minor but significant triumph among the team.

Most of the Talk Together team is now in place in Oxford. The film crew, led by Johnny Burke and Ade Cove from High Altitude Films, is finding its feet. The team of camera people, sound recordist and production assistants is now on site. And our conflict resolution expert Robert Krzisnik has also arrived.

The students begin to arrive tomorrow afternoon. They will spend their first evening in Oxford settling into their residences with welcome activities ahead of a good night’s sleep. Then Talk Together will begin in earnest.

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