Three days to go…

…and it’s been a weekend of frenzied video diary making, and application filling. Our last minute prospective students are now being informed about whether they have been successful in claiming a space on the course. The standard has been high, and we’re looking forward to welcoming these stand-ins, along with the other students who’ve been preparing for Talk Together for months.

The rest of the students have been filming too. They’ve been making videos about their wildly diverse lives (several of which have involved dancing – they are a lively bunch!), and collecting objects that remind them of home. They will share these items with their new friends to build understanding of each others’ lives.

The students are also writing blogs and diaries to record their thoughts and experiences before, during, and after their fortnight in Oxford. And some may be happy to share these reflections with us all! Watch this space for what will no doubt be candid commentary.

Meanwhile, supporters of Talk Together have been busy donating on our Just Giving site. The encouraging messages of support are very much appreciated by the Talk Together team as we iron out the last minute wrinkles in the logistics. Check out what everyone’s saying here.

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