One week to go….

… and Talk Together is gathering momentum.

Press interest in the course is continuing to mount, and we have a couple of TV crews and several journalists lined up to come and report on Talk Together. And we have today featured on the Forced Migration Online blog:;

In other news, the last minute places which have become available for UK and Norwegain participants are generating a great deal of interest. The Talk Together phone has been ringing incessantly, inundated with eager young prospective participants.

In other news we’ve received our first online donations.  The idea is not to raise heaps of money for Talk Together (although that would be a fantastic byproduct). Rather we would like a large number of people to make microdonations (£1 each), as a way of pledging support to the principles of Talk Together. And these are…

1.    It is always important to keep talking, to keep learning, to keep trying to understand.
2.    Young people are the future, and they may have interesting new ideas for the future.
3.    Sharing new ideas leads to greater understanding, and perhaps a better future for everyone.

Do you agree? If so, you might like to put down a £1 to show your support.;

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