Four weeks to go…

……. and the final pieces are slotting into place.

The Talk Together film crew looked over the site last week and were pleased with what they found amongst the quads and cloisters of St Edwards. On a sunny day in Oxford it’s a striking environment and a real contrast to the vast desert flatlands of Western Sahara, and refugee camps in Algeria where some of our students will travel from next month.

These highly contrasting environments are highly photogenic for wildly differing reasons. I wonder how the students from North Africa (whether living in Morocco, Western Sahara, or Algeria) will react to their new temporary home?

The team’s now on the search for an Arabic speaking camerawoman. Have you seen one hanging around lately? The Talk Together film crew is hatching a plan on how best to capture the action during Talk Together fortnight. While much of the action will take place in the classroom (or dance floor – during the tango for conflict resolution sessions), it’s likely that some of the most telling interactions will happen in the corridors and students rooms. Hence the preference for a female camera operator. And if she speaks Arabic then so much the better.

In other film news, the team’s just heard their latest funding application has gone through to the next round. Fingers crossed.

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