2009 course

Talk Together 2009 examines the situation facing an estimated 170,000 people living in refugee camps in Tindouf, Algeria, separated from their families in the city of Layounne. Layounne is in Western Sahara, whose control is the subject of an ongoing dispute.

What’s the problem?

Since the Spanish pulled out of the territory in 1975, control of the area has been disputed by the Moroccan government and an indigenous resistance movement. Neighbouring Algeria also has an interest in the region.

In 1991, the UN introduced a ceasefire in the area, intended to make time and space for agreement on who should vote in a self-determination referendum for the area. However, there is widespread criticism the ceasefire has had little impact on the 33-year-old dispute, and no significant progress has been achieved.

Meanwhile, thousands of people continue to live in limbo, separated from their families, reliant on handouts, without access to proper education or communication.

Who’s involved?

Talk Together 2009 is bringing together students from Morocco, from the refugee camps near Tindouf, Algeria and from the city of Layounne and its surroundings in the disputed territory. A further 10 students from Britain, Norway and other neutral countries, will also take part.

Talk Together 2009 has received funding from the Youth In Action programme of the European Commission and the British Council.


One Response to “2009 course”

  1. atik Says:

    The Moroccan authorities have prevented six young Sahrawis — including three females — to go to London where they will participate in the peace and dialogue program Talk Together.

    Med Fadel El-Asri one of six young people said that a security check were close to them since their arrival last week in El Mohammedia near Casablanca.

    He added that the group, which includes Med Danoun Chamad Marzoug, Hayat Rguibi, Ngaya El-Haouassi, et Maima Amidan, all past victims of repression by Moroccan police, were surprised when they arrived at Agadir’s Al-Masira airport today at 11h00 gmt to be surrounded by security agents which began inspecting their belongings and taking pictures of them after they were informed that they are excluded from travel

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